Suzanne Braid

My name is Suzanne Braid and my vision is to develop future leaders to reach their fullest potential.

I am a highly skilled CIPD qualified Learning & Development, OD and Talent specialist, who has worked over the last 15 years in a wide range of functions across corporate organisations.

I work with individuals and teams at all levels to establish sustainable change in their performance by creating the ‘space’ to develop their potential.

So what do I mean by ‘space’? …

 This is where I create a supportive environment to listen, question and in a non judgmental way provide uninterrupted thinking time to allow the individual, leader or team to re-connect with their ‘core purpose’ or ‘why’. Only when we get in touch with our ‘why’ do we create strong emotional connections with others and therefore what we do and how we do it. By connecting with our ‘why’ we can we really understand where our values and motivations lie and therefore how this impacts how we show up whether as a colleague, leader or team.

My unique approach uses a blend of coaching and consultative techniques  to truly understand your needs by building impactful relationships that allow me to get ‘under the skin’ and discover what’s really going on. In doing this I help raise self-awareness, understanding of intent v impact and help identify the right actions to drive sustainable change.

I possess an ability to engage and empower others to ensure the development of any intervention, not only achieves results, but also drives sustainable long-term impact.

My work focuses on Learning & OD Consultancy, Leadership, Management & Team development, CoachingMBTI/TKI™ , Insights Discovery™ and Behavioural Skills Development.

You can find out more about the work I undertake by clicking on the ‘My Work’ link.

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