One of the many benefits of where I live is it’s close proximity to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and even on a chilly damp day like today I love to take a walk through the gardens to clear the mind and inspire myself.

On my walk today I spotted what I feel are the first signs of spring .. Snowdrops. Nestled low in the wet grass were small bunches of these tiny white flowers, which instantly made me think about renewal and the change of the season.

So whats that got to do with Leadership I hear you ask … well actually quite a lot.

We are now one month into 2017, many of you will already be considering, planning or even setting your business objectives for the year. Perhaps you are ‘dusting’ down the old ones or ‘cleaning’ up on new ones, regardless the focus (as you know only to well) is increase performance, outputs and bottom line results without spending more.

Recent research from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Development) found that in 2017 the current top organisation priorities include Cost Management, Increasing Agility/ Flexibility, Talent Management, Productivity and Adopting New Technology. The research  produced in association with workday also went on to suggest that the Top 5 Leadership behaviours and skills needed will be Performance Management, People Management, Developing Staff, Engagement/ Motivation and Change Management.

So while you busy writing up those business objectives, take a moment to consider what needs ‘refreshed’ or ‘cleaned’ up in your Leadership skill-set, that could increase and enhance your Leadership impact and ultimately the performance of your teams and organisations.

Until next time … I will leave you with these 3 questions to reflect and consider:

  • If there is one thing you could do better as a Leader in 2017, what would it be?
  • What was your biggest strength in 2016? and what could you improve in 2017?
  • What one or two things would your team suggest you do differently this year?
Is it time to spring clean your Leadership?