Leadership Coaching is a personal development process designed to enhance a leader’s success in achieving his or her professional objectives within the context of their organisation’s values and business goals.

Whilst the coaching focuses on the individual, its successful implementation brings significant benefits to both the individual and the organisation. These benefits include retention of valued talent, increased productivity, development of high-potential performers, greater job satisfaction and achievement of organization objectives.

As part of my initial contracting with the individual we will include a range of ‘success measures’, here are some typical examples:

  • Personal Growth – change in behaviour, impact and intent and opportunity to practice new skills in a safe environment
  • Clarity of Goals – focused goals and ‘what you are trying to achieve’ leads to better outcomes and bottom line
  • Contextual – as the coaching is tied to the ‘real-world issues’ it’s relevant and aligns with organisational objectives
  • Wider impact – as the process looks at many different perspectives,the resulting change has a positive ripple effect

As the coaching process is tailored to the needs of the individual I utilise a range of tools to help promote self awareness and understanding. Such tools include 360 feedback, leadership styles, emotional intelligence, MBTI™ and Insights Discovery™ etc.