Team Coaching is where the leader and team focus on the ‘operational aspects’ of how the team is functioning through the support of a coach.

I work in partnership with the leader and team to define what they want to achieve and co-facilitate a process that determines action to drive sustainable results.

I use a blend of performance coaching techniques to focus on 6 key areas:

  1. Team – What stage are the team at, who is in the team, location, skills?
  2. Purpose – Is the purpose clear, meaningful, adding value. motivating or needing clarified?
  3. Goals – Are the goals clear, aligned organisationally and individually, who makes decisions, is achievement recognised?
  4. Approach – How is work managed, spread, reviewed and performance managed?
  5. Communication – How effective is decision making, feedback, meetings, updates and are team members in touch?
  6. Accountability – Is there a leader, is their clear leadership roles, clarity of roles and responsibilities, where does the buck stop?

Team coaching differs from team building in which the latter is often focused on improving motivation or relationships within the team. In order to get the most from the coaching process I would recommend some consideration of team building tailored to suit the requirements of the team.