Most leaders could tell you what they do … some leaders could even tell you how they do it … but few leaders can say ‘Why’ they do what they do.

As we head into an even more volatile future with more uncertainty, ambiguity and change we need to develop and better equip our leaders.

From my extensive experience of developing leaders and their teams over the last 12 years I have found one common thread between the most successful and that’s their focus on ‘Why’.

Those leaders and teams that are fully aware and connected with their ‘Why’ (our purpose) are more likely to be emotionally engaged in their work, their teams and therefore with their customers.

I work initially with the leader to raise self-awareness, promote understanding and help them to develop their impact through re-connecting with their ‘Why’. Only when we get in touch with our ‘Why’ do we create strong emotional connections with others and therefore positively influence what we do and how we do it. It also helps us to really understand where our values and motivations lie and therefore how we are showing up.

The attention then turns to the team to ensure alignment of the team’s purpose and goals. I work with the team by co-facilitating with the leader to drive out the impact of their leadership style, how the team is performing and where enhancements can be made.

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When you have alignment of the Leader and Team the impact results in a wider ‘ripple effect’ that influences business unit, organisation and even the wider external environment.

This is what drives sustainable long-term high performance!